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EmuCR: PCSX-ReduxPCSX-Redux Git (2022/08/12) is compiled. This is yet another fork of the Playstation Emulator, PCSX. While the work here is very much in progress, the goal is roughly the following: Bring the codebase to more up to date code standards. Get rid of the plugin system and create a single monolithic codebase that handles all aspects of the playstation emulation. Write everything on top of SDL/OpenGL3+/ImGui for portability and readability. Improve the debugging experience. Improve the rendering experience.

PCSX-Redux Changelog::
* Merge pull request #959 from twevs/typed_debugger_wip
* Post-review fixes.
* Implemented handling of save state loading. Moved new value input into its own column. Added buttons to reimport data from updated files.
* Post-review fixes.
* Implemented unique ImGui IDs for function breakpoint data. More cleanup.
* Implemented importation of data types and functions. Quite a bit of cleanup.
* Implemented display of scratchpad values. Fixed display of pointer children of breakpoint data moved to Watch tab. Cache caller name and address in breakpoint data. Improved appearance.
* Show option to display memory for pointers to primitives. Some cleanup.
* Function breakpoints: implemented display of in-register arguments. Improved handling of resetting and state-loading. Added buttons to clear toggled functions/instructions.
* Fixed Watch tab breakpoint bugs; improved appearance.
* Fixed presentation of invalid pointers; added hex input; added ability to create arrays.
* Made name column print address.
* Read/write log entries now display the instruction address.
* Added breakpoint options for arrays and pointers.
* Added array member naming (which fixes array expansion); added initialization of WatchTreeNode size field.
* Various bugfixes and usability improvements.
* Updated lists of MGS data types and functions.
* Fixed function breakpoints table.
* Added display of char * fields. Substantially improved editing of displayed values.
* Added combo box for type selection in Watch tab.
* Added display of void * fields.
* Fixed display of pointers obtained from function arguments in Watch tab.
* Fixed display of pointed-to values.
* Added Typed Debugger.
* Merge pull request #971 from grumpycoders/ppf-warning
* Silencing ppf.h warning.

PCSX-Redux Git (2022/08/12) x64 : 1cloudfile 1fichier bayfiles letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain uptobox zippyshare

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