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Swiss r1362 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
Properly update PI interrupts.
Go to device selection when in root directory.
Update No-Intro database.
Fix streaming audio for conflicting IDs.
Improve DI initialization.
Reset boot image on file setup error.
Enable loading BS2 from /swiss/patches/ipl.bin.
Fix some assumptions made in select_alt_dol.
Skip El Torito disc when DI is in an unusable state.
Update free/used space on FAT devices more readily.
Improve byte display formatting.
Use metric units on befitting devices.
Pass standard device names onto applications.
Clean up BSS allocation.
Refactor get_fst.
Remove parse_gcm_for_ext.
Patch both discs of 2-disc games.
Update Redump database.
Deduplicate patch fragments.
Fix regression in parse_gcm_add.
Avoid fragmentation when writing new files.
Keep file offset/size more closely in sync.
Fix some button highlight confusion.
Ensure text file buffers are null-terminated.
Fix cheat files on FSP server.
Warn about compressed disc images. (GCZ or RVZ)
Only show select_alt_dol when there's no patch device.

Download: Swiss r1362

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