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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X Git (2022/12/18) is compiled. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
* Try again
* gamelink: shm_* functions in Linux require librt
* Merge pull request #3886 from caiiiycuk/patch-3
* Machine_type -> Machine_Type in savestates.cpp
* Merge pull request #3884 from jwalt/feature/gamelink
* fix Linux compilation
* (hopefully) fix VS compilation
* Make snoop mode more userfriendly, amend docs accordingly
* fix compilation errors on different platforms, attempt to add VS support
* small doc fix
* Cleanup Game Link code, add menu bar & config command support, allow switching video at will
* Fix compilation without SDL2
* Improve Game Link docs
* ignore latest additions & mingw build files
* Add documentation
* Game Link main integration
* Hashing of executables, export of load address for Game Link
* Mixer access for Game Link code
* Game Link base code (without integration)
* Merge pull request #3883 from iyzsong/jookia-bsdfixes
* ethernet_slirp.cpp: Include .
* openbsd: Link with "wxneeded" when dynrec core enabled.
* sdl: Set ENABLE_IM_EVENT for OpenBSD.
* configure.ac: Add /usr/local/include to CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS for OpenBSD.
* BUILD: Clarify you can build SDL2 on BSD
* sdl2: Disable libudev support outside Linux
* sdl2: Disable Wayland support outside Linux
* sdl2: Find and use GNU Make
* sdl2: Fix NetBSD support
* CHANGELOG: Note about BSD building
* configure: Link with pthread on FreeBSD
* acinclude: Try finding SDL2 using pkg-config
* gui: Don't give FreeBSD special treatment on SDL1
* core_dyn_x86: Don't use 64-bit registers for pushl
* BUILD.md: Note SDL1 can be built on BSDs
* src: Mark some X11 code as Linux-specific
* sdl: Don't use unportable $^ in Makefile
* configure: Simplify iconv linking logic
* configure: Clarify support for all iconv implementations
* configure: Check if iconv uses const char**
* gui: Fix RunCfgTool call for FreeBSD
* sdl: Fix FreeBSD joystick break
* sdl: Enable IM event on FreeBSD and NetBSD
* sdl: Check that GetIMInfo is available before using it
* debug: Move tests include to fix BSD error
* build-*: Mark as executable
* Replace '/bin/bash' with '/usr/bin/env bash' in shebangs

DOSBox-X Git (2022/12/18) : 1cloudfile 1fichier bayfiles letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain uptobox zippyshare
Source: Here

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