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DeSmuMAR (2023/01/29) is released. It is an emulator of legendary Fujitsu FM TOWNS computer. The goal is to emulate model II MX, which was the last computer I pledged allegiance. Also I am trying to find and document undocumented features of FM TOWNS system as much as possible while writing the emulator.

DeSmuMAR changelog:
Migrate from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 6.0 (LTS).
Due to (new?) AppVeyor restrictions of 1024 MB/day bandwidth on Artifact downloads, the auto download feature had to be removed.
Removed the dependency on Newtonsoft.Json, no longer required after removing the auto-download.
Installation instructions have been completely rewritten to make it much more clear.
Thanks Mateo Carriqui (system32uwu) for taking the time to fix a small width and height safety check mistake. (#5, #6)

Download: DeSmuMAR (2023/01/29)
Source: Here

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