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HP-15C v4.5.00 Build 6308 is released. The Simulator mimics the behaviour of the real HP-15C. It does not emulate any hardware, like CPU, ROM or Memory, of the real HP-15C. That is why it is a Simulator and not an emulator. The Simulator is intended to be a useful RPN calculator for your PC desktop. It therefore makes use of the features of the underlying operating system and it's GUI: Programs can be saved in files, so that you need to key them in only once. Pop-up menus provide easy and fast access to many HP-15C functions and features. However, no new function, which is not supported by the real HP-15C, is added. The Simulator supports almost all functions and features of the real HP-15C. Differences between the real HP-15C and the Simulator are rather small.

EmuCR: HP15C

Download: HP-15C v4.5.00 Build 6308
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