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EmuCR:GameEx LnxSpectrum v1.8.8 is released. LnxSpectrum is an emulator of the vintage computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48 , ZX Spectrum 128 , Didaktik Gama 80 clone and the less common Didaktik Gama 192 , Sparrow 48K clones . One of the components of the emulator is the TV mode, where the emulator can be conveniently operated on a regular TV in 16:9 format with a fully graphic menu and previews of individual ZX programs. It includes other advanced features such as Z80 debugger and Z80 assembler editor. Among the novelties is the MB03+ Ultimate emulation , hardware that combines many different devices into a single HW. Also supports RTC , ULA Pluscolor extension, also emulates DivIDE . Of the sound chips, it supports AY and SAA chips ( Turbo Sound , SAAY! ).

Download: LnxSpectrum v1.8.8
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