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EmuCR: NitroSwan NitroSwan v0.5.0 is released. This is a Bandai WonderSwan (Color/Crystal) & PocketChallenge V2 emulator for the Nintendo DS.

NitroSwan Changelog: Fixed loading of roms that are not power of 2.
Fixed timing of several opcodes.
Fixed timing of interrupts.
Fixed timing of address calculations.
Fixed some cpu opcodes.
Fixed interrupt handling.
Fixed timers.
Fixed sweep on sound channel 3.
Fixed noise feedback selection.
Fixed sound sample playback.
Optimized cpu core a bit.
Added support for serial port interrupts.
Added support for battery low.
Added new debug menu.
Linked NDS battery to WS battery.
Better menu traversing.

Download: NitroSwan v0.5.0
Source: Here

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