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EmuCR: GB Enhanced+GB Enhanced+ v1.7 is released. GBE+ is an experimental GBA emulator and the planned successor to the original GBE project. Game Boy Enhanced (GBE for short) aims to be a fully functional Game Boy emulator. The goal is to create a highly portable emulator using C++ and SDL, document the Game Boy's functions through clear code, and add as many enhancements (scaling filters, cheats, custom sprites) as reasonably possible.

GB Enhanced+ changelog:
Added support for motion controls using SDL2. Verified with a DS4. Users will need to calibrate the settings to their preferences depending on their controller and the game they're playing.
Added partial support for the Play-Yan and Play-Yan Micro. Plays dummy audio and video files, but all of the menus are accessible. Plays the "Garage Games" when the appropriate video thumbnails are used.
Added partial support for the Campho Advance. Preliminary framework for booting and accessing some menus. Not publicly usable until the ROM is fully dumped.
Revamped game save handling. GBE+ no longer uses names such as filename.gba.sav for game saves. Instead, it uses the more conventional filename.sav to make it easier to import from/export to other emulators. DMG/GBC games will now use their correct filesizes instead of the 128KB saves GBE+ formerly used. MBC3 real-time clock saves will now use the same standard as BGB, VBA-M, and mGBA.
AM3 videos can now be played by pointing GBE+ to a folder of all the .AM3 files instead of a SmartMedia card dump. Some videos are only playable through this method due to fragmentation present on the card dump's filesystem.
Full support for the GBA Music Recorder/Jukebox. GBE+ will now play real songs and even allows recording voice memos or karaoke through a microphone.
GBE+ will now scan the data/bin/firmware folder for BIOS or Boot ROM files and automatically use the best one for whatever system it is currently emulating. No more setting the path of each file individually, just chuck them all in one spot and be done with it.
Turbo-Fire/Auto-Fire added to all cores. Currently only configurable through the .ini file
Added an option to map input for the DDR Finger Pad.

EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced
EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced
EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced

Download: GB Enhanced+ v1.7
Source: Here

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