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IBMulator v0.16 is released. IBMulator is a free/libre and open source PC emulator focused on the IBM PS/1 line of computers, able to run with the original ROM. The goal is not just to develop yet another emulator, but also to create a faithful simulator with the look and feel of the real machines, hdd and floppy drive noises included.

IBMulator v0.16 changelog:
Changes since v0.15:
Added virtual serial modem emulation
Added support for RetroArch slang shaders
Added virtual 9-pin dot-matrix color printer emulation
Fixed program crash with IBM Advanced Diags
Fixed random CMOS image corruptions
Fixed "timer not in use" error on state restore
Improved handling of the -c command line parameter
Changes to ibmulator.ini:
Added new section [modem]
Added new section [printer]
The [display] section has been revamped for the new shaders system
Modem options have been added to the [soundfx] section

Download: IBMulator v0.16
Source: Here

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