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NeoCD RX v1.0.02 is released. NeoCD RX is a Neo Geo CD / Neo Geo CDZ emulator for the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U's Virtual Wii. It owes its existence to various other emulators: NEO-CD REDUX (Softdev), NeoGeo CD Redux (Infact), NeoCD-Wii (Wiimpathy / Jacobeian), NeoCD Redux Unofficial (megalomaniac). NEO-CD REDUX was itself based on NeoCD/SDL 0.3.1 (Foster) and NeoGeo CDZ (NJ) emulator, which are source ports of the original NeoCD emulator (Fabrice Martinez). NeoCD RX is a "homebrew application" which means you will need a way to run unsigned code on your Nintendo Wii. The best website for getting started with Wii homebrew is WiiBrew (www.wiibrew.org).

NeoCD RX v1.0.02 changelog:
First release.
Fully working SDHC & USB support. You shouldn't see the emulator complaining again about the BIOS not being found, if you already have the proper file in the correct folder, specially on USB devices.
Virtual Neo Geo Memory Card saving is fixed again. Use SD/USB or the GameCube Memory Card, the latter also works on Wii (backwards compatible unit).
Fixed GameCube controller analog stick support. It wasn't working on Wii, only when used on a GameCube console.
Rearranged internal menus for future expansion.
Some tidying up.

Download: NeoCD RX v1.0.02 GCN
Download: NeoCD RX v1.0.02 Wii
Source: Here

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