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EmuCR: N64N64 Git (2023/08/28) is compiled. Experimental low-level N64 emulator written in C and a bit of C++. Still under heavy development and not ready for prime time. Compatibility is not high and performance is not great (yet.) The goals of this project are to create a low-level emulator with good compatibility, while learning a lot along the way.

N64 Git Changelog:
* only build dynarec_compare if dynarec is enabled
* support fully disabling dynarec
* Allow building without dynarec v1
* move v2_compiler_x64.c to a platform specific section
* move platform specific JIT code to platform specific file
* include failure message in the crash dump
* Automatically regenerate version.h if the git commit hash changes
* Support for saving crash dumps
* implement c_nge and c_ngt in jit
* remove some FGR size checks
* rename N64_USE_SIMD directive to N64_HAVE_SSE

Download: N64 Git (2023/08/28)
Source: Here

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