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EmuCR: dolwinPureikyubu v1.3 is released. pureikyubu is work-in-progress emulator of Nintendo GameCube console. The goal of the emulator is to research the hardware features of GameCube and reverse engineer technologies used to develop games for this platform. GameCube is the hardware masterpiece of Nintendo/ArtX engineers and it's a pleasure to explore this device and discover something new for yourself.

Pureikyubu Changelog:
TEV regs by @ogamespec in #268
Simplified ras.cpp by @ogamespec in #269
Fixed Luigi's model spikes by @ogamespec in #270
Cache hack by @ogamespec in #271
Fixed errordemo by @ogamespec in #272
PI unmapped access debug messages + DecrementerStep by @ogamespec in #273
Fixed Gekko reset + GEKKOCORE_CACHE_DISABLE_HACK macro by @ogamespec in #274

Download: Pureikyubu v1.3
Source: Here


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