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EmuCR: a5200dsa5200ds v3.5 is released. a5200DS is an Atari 5200 emulator running on the Nintendo DS and DSi written by Alekmaul. a5200DS is based on the source code of Atari800. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a52/bin format. You also need the 5200.bin rom bios to use it.

a5200ds v3.5 changelog:
Major cleanup across the board - a few more frames of performance and many games on the older DS-Lite will now run full speed without frameskip.
Touch of paint on the main emulation screen to make the console buttons a bit more prominent.
New X button handling on the games that utilize more than 192 vertical pixels to smooth scroll upper/lower areas of the screen (usually just status/score in those areas so pressing the X button to bring them momentarily into view works fine).
About 50 new homebrews and hacks added to the internal database (up to 240 games now).

Download: a5200ds v3.5
Source: Here

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