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IBMulator v0.17 is released. IBMulator is a free/libre and open source PC emulator focused on the IBM PS/1 line of computers, able to run with the original ROM. The goal is not just to develop yet another emulator, but also to create a faithful simulator with the look and feel of the real machines, hdd and floppy drive noises included.

IBMulator v0.17 changelog:
Changes since v0.16:
Added Sound Blaster Pro and Pro 2 emulation
Added Nuked-OPL3 for OPL audio rendering
Added a mixer GUI window to control volumes, filters, effects and save settings to a file
Added an audio OSD to adjust volumes
Added reverb, chorus, crossfeed, balance audio effects
Fixed horizontal PEL panning in CGA graphics mode
Fixed CPU 32-bit PUSH for 16-bit segment registers
Fixed audio crash when restoring a savestate with the serial modem installed
Fixed floppy disk snatch sound at boot time
Fixed PC Speaker audio desync
Fixed Sound Blaster and MPU-401 not updating their hardware settings after a state restore
The system sound effects are now audible in all GUI modes
Audio filters and volumes have been tuned according to common knowledge and direct measurements
New default key bindings:
SHIFT+F2: toggle the mixer control window
R-CTRL+UP: increase volume by 5%
R-CTRL+DOWN: decrease volume by 5%
R-CTRL+RIGHT: next OSD audio channel
R-CTRL+LEFT: previous OSD audio channel

Download: IBMulator v0.17
Source: Here

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