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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-Staging Git (2024/02/04) is compiled. This repository attempts to modernize the DOSBox project by using current development practices and tools, fixing issues, adding features that better support today's systems, and sending patches upstream.

DOSBox-Staging Git Changelog:
* Fix invalid iterator crash in debug build
* Revert "Temporarily disable MSYS2 GCC builds on Windows"
* Temporarily disable MSYS2 GCC builds on Windows
* Remove 500 ms delay when entering pause mode
* Rework the "EGA mode with VGA colours" detection logic
* Remove over-zealous assert
* Add `vga.mode_change_in_progress` flag
* Swap the Color & Palette Registers setup order on mode switches
* Address name shadowing warnings

DOSBox-Staging Git (2024/02/04) x64 : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send usersdrive
Source: Here

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