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EmuCR: RyujinxRyujinx Git (2024/02/11) is compiled. Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# created by gdkchan. This emulator aims at providing good performance and accuracy, a friendly interface, and consistent builds. Ryujinx is currently available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Ryujinx Git changelog:
* Old buttons (#6237)
* Infra: Capitalisation Consistency (#6296)
* Standardize logging locations across desktop platforms (#6238)
* Linux: Reorder available executables in Ryujinx.sh (#6171)
* Remove ReflectionBinding in Mod Manager (#6280)
* Update Avalonia About Window like requested in PR #6267 (#6278)
* Fix mip offset/size for full 3D texture upload on Vulkan (#6294)
* Add missing RID exclusions for linux-arm64 (#6298)
* ci: Enable Linux ARM64 on build and release (#6291)
* Set PointSize in shader on OpenGL (#6292)
* Make IOpenGLContext.HasContext context dependent (#6290)
* Load custom SDL mappings from application data folder (#6295)
* Force CPU copy for non-identity DMA remap (#6293)
* misc: Update to Ryujinx.Graphics.Nvdec.Dependencies 5.0.3-build14 (#6279)

Ryujinx Git (2024/02/11) x64 : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send usersdrive

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