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86Box v4.1.1 is released. 86Box is a low level x86 emulator that runs older operating systems and software designed for IBM PC systems and compatibles from 1981 through fairly recent system designs based on the PCI bus.

86Box Features:
Easy to use interface inspired by mainstream hypervisor software
Low level emulation of 8086-based processors up to the Pentium with focus on accuracy
Great range of customizability of virtual machines
Many available systems, such as the very first IBM PC 5150 from 1981, or the more obscure IBM PS/2 line of systems based on the Micro Channel Architecture
Lots of supported peripherals including video adapters, sound cards, network adapters, hard disk controllers, and SCSI adapters
MIDI output to Windows built-in MIDI support, FluidSynth, or emulated Roland synthesizers
Supports running MS-DOS, older Windows versions, OS/2, many Linux distributions, or vintage systems such as BeOS or NEXTSTEP, and applications for these systems

86Box changelog:
Video related changes: by @TC1995 in #4190
S3 ViRGE: Respect blend control compose modes on pre-GX2 ViRGE by @Cacodemon345 in #4193
S3 ViRGE/GX2: Fix screen overlay staying on Windows XP by @Cacodemon345 in #4194
Fix the internal name of the S3 Trio64V+ VLB by @cartifanwlr in #4197
S3 ViRGE: a bit of cleanup by @Cacodemon345 in #4195
S3 ViRGE: Buffer flips no longer trigger recalctimings by @Cacodemon345 in #4198
Fix AppStream metainfo file by @AsciiWolf in #4200
unix_serial_passthrough.c: check errno for EWOULDBLOCK by @rilysh in #4199
Temporary solution to a 24bpp issue and hblank. by @TC1995 in #4204
bswap.h: fix GCC requirements for bswap* builtins by @rilysh in #4201
Updates to README.md adding links to other managers by @jriwanek in #4206
S3 ViRGE/GX2: Fix frozen display when stream processors are enabled by @Cacodemon345 in #4207
S3 80x cursor fixes: by @TC1995 in #4208
MGA: Implement BPLAN for BITBLT operations by @Cacodemon345 in #4213
MGA: Move BPLAN handling to the right place by @Cacodemon345 in #4218
MGA: Implement X11 hardware cursor by @Cacodemon345 in #4221
Update translations by @kzmidze in #4215
Fix OPL audio not playing by @Cacodemon345 in #4225
Fix ACPI poweroffs disabling exit confirmations by @lemondrops in #4227
Add a correct PnP ROM for the CT4380 Sound Blaster AWE64 by @lemondrops in #4228
ESDI/MFM AT changes: by @TC1995 in #4229
Mach8/32 horizontal display changes. by @TC1995 in #4230
IDE changes (now for MCA). by @TC1995 in #4231
IDE/ATAPI port/irq changes for MCA: by @TC1995 in #4233
Add Vision Systems LBA Enhancer by @Cacodemon345 in #4240
Miscellaneous joystick cleanup by @lemondrops in #4242
Qt: Disable device checkboxes when ROMs for them aren't present by @lemondrops in #4244
Solved the IRQ mess of ESDI MCA. by @TC1995 in #4246
Fix Novell NE2000's default IRQ being out of range by @lemondrops in #4271
GHA: Disable win32 in CodeQL by @cold-brewed in #4273
Fix Ghostscript DLL filename in an error message on 64-bit Windows by @lemondrops in #4275
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements for v4.1.1 by @lemondrops in #4276

Download: 86Box v4.1.1
Source: Here

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