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EmuCR: PCXSensePCXSense v0.8 Beta is released. Translates the inputs from the Dualsense into XInput making it compatible with any PC Game.

PCXSense Features:
Easy to use Graphical Interface,
Rumble support,
Bluetooth and USB mode
Gamecube Triggers, (Triggers with Dolphin Emulator)
Nintendo Switch Triggers, (Triggers with Yuzu and Cemu Emulators)
Update Checker (It doesn't download the update but warns the user whenever a new update is released)
Adaptive Trigger Custom Profiles,
Lightbar control

PCXSense v0.8 Beta Changelog:
Added support for Dualsense Edge
Fixed a bug that made the controller stop working which doubled as a memory leak
Added support for binding on Home/Mic/Touchpad buttons (thanks giacogiac )

Download: PCXSense v0.8 Beta

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