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EmuCR: PyBoy PyBoy v2.0.0 is released. Game Boy emulator written in Python.

PyBoy Changelog:
A lot of general fixes
Improved documentation with examples
pyboy.tick(10, True) now takes two optional parameters:
n number of frames to progress
render whether to render the screen on the last processed frame
pyboy.screen_image() moved to pyboy.screen.image
The "botsupport" module has been removed, and most of API is moved to the PyBoy object
pyboy.button(‘a’) can be used to send input, and will automatically release after 1 frame
pyboy.button_press(‘a’) allows for manual control of input
pyboy.button_release(‘a’) allows for manual control of input
pyboy.memory[0x100:0x150] = 123 replaces all three pyboy.get/set/override_memory_value and extends it with an option to specify bank
pyboy.hook_register(bank, address, callback, context) registers a callback at a specific point in your game. Used for fine-grained tracking of events and control of the game
pyboy.symbol_lookup(symbol) to look up address for a symbol to use with memory read/write
“dummy” and “headless” windows have been merged into “null” window because of the new pyboy.tick
pyboy.game_wrapper Game wrappers are now automatically loaded and accessible through the game_wrapper property
Remove fitness scores from game wrappers
pyboy.game_area() is a shortcut for pyboy.game_wrapper.game_area()
pyboy.game_area_collision() is a shortcut for pyboy.game_wrapper.game_area_collision()
pyboy.game_area_dimensions(…) can be used to configure game_area
pyboy.game_area_mapping(…) can apply a mapping to all game area tiles. I.e. simplify the tiles, or zero-out uninteresting tiles
OpenAI Gym/Gymnasium has been removed from PyBoy. It will be replaced by an example on the Wiki instead
pyboy.memory_scanner allows to isolate memory address of interest
Support for 768 CGB tiles vs. 384 in DMG mode

Download: PyBoy v2.0.0

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