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ROM Properties v2.3 is released. ROM Properties is a shell extension adding the ability to display additional information to file managers. ROM Properties is currently available for Linux and Windows. This shell extension adds a few nice features to file browsers for managing video game ROM and disc images.

ROM Properties v2.3 Changelog:
xattrs tab on Linux now shows XFS attributes.
rpcli now supports extracting mipmap levels from most supported texture formats.
Mipmaps are now supported for DirectDrawSurface and KhronosKTX.
Windows: Dark Mode is now supported on Windows 10 1809 and later in the installation program and rp-config.
Dark Mode is also partially supported in the properties pages when using tools such as StartAllBack, though it has some issues right now.
Sparse disc images, e.g. CISO and GCZ, are now handled by the RomDataFactory class instead of requiring each RomData subclass to handle it. This means that all supported sparse disc images can be used for any console.
This was originally implemented to support ZISO and PSP CISO for PS2 disc images, but it also allows unusual combinations like DAX and JISO for GameCube disc images.
Windows Image files (.wim) are now supported. Contributed by @ecumber.
Game Boy now has special handling MMC01 and MBC1M multicarts. The main header is now detected correctly and used for the thumbnail image. All games in the multicart are now shown as individual tabs.
Commodore DOS disk images (e.g. for Commodore 1541) are now supported, including icons for GEOS files. File formats supported currently include D64, D71, D80, D82, D81, D67, G64, and G71.
ColecoVision ROM images are now supported, including the text displayed on the ColecoVision logo screen.
Intellivision ROM images are now supported, including the game title and copyright year.
New translations: Romanian and Italian

Download: ROM Properties v2.3

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