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EmuCR: LemonadeLemonade Alpha 2.1 is released. Lemonade is an open source and experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo 3ds system on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.

Lemonade Alpha 2.1 Changelog:
Updating on Android should now work without needing a reinstall @Ishan09811 (we changed the package name so you still need to uninstall the old one sorry)
Minor OpenGL and JIT improvements @Gamer64ytb
Initial oboe audio support @Gamer64ytb
Switched Anaglyph shader technique from Dubois to Rendepth @cybereality
Fix mSYS2 builds @rtiangha
Initial P.I.P (Picture in Picture) support @Ishan09811
Fix for Saved Stereo 3D Mode (Anaglyph/Interlaced) Not Being Honored When Re-Launching Game @cybereality
Rework cores for better cpu usage limit logic (part 1) @Gamer64ytb

Download: Lemonade Alpha 2.1 Windows
Download: Lemonade Alpha 2.1 Android
Source: Here

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