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Red Viper v0.9.3 is released. A Virtual Boy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS continuing mrdanielps's work on r3Ddragon, which is itself based on Reality Boy / Red Dragon. It uses a dynamic recompiler with busywait detection and a hardware-accelerated renderer to achieve high performance on the 3DS's limited hardware.

Red Viper v0.9.3 Changelog:
Run 3DS displays at 50Hz (thanks to everyone in #46 who knows much more about this than I do!)
Improve frame pacing by rendering on VBlank
The image is now displayed in full 24-bit colour
Various renderer optimizations, significantly improving performance in Elevated Speed
Improved audio clarity
Fixed issues with various sound effects in Wario Land
Fixed compatibility hack for Virtual Lab's English patch
Improved performance in Nester's Funky Bowling
Compatibility fixes for lots of homebrew
Add a confirmation prompt to Reset and Quit menu options
Game progress is now saved when entering sleep mode

Download: Red Viper v0.9.3

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