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EmuCR: CitraCitra Enhanced v1.1.0 is released. This fork is just Citra with tweaks/additions which should result in better performance than the original Citra.

Citra Enhanced Changelog:
Android: Revert speed limit to 200
Android: Fix some rotation screen casual crashes (GPUCode)
PC: Add some games to compatibility list
PC & Android: Migrate from Microprofile to Tracy (GPUCode), this should free up RAM usage as well
PC: QT UI Redesign (kleidis)
Android & PC: Improve stream buffer performance and allocation
Android: Fix some memory leaks from Oboe audio backend (Ishan09811)
Android: Change app ID (this version will be installed as a new APK)
Android: Implement GameAboutDialog (Ishan09811), now you have a new UI when you long-press any game.
Android & PC: Fix Priority Boost issues with cutscenes
Android & PC: Improve ValidateByReinterpretation logic, may fix stuff
PC: Restore web tab (rtiangha), now you can enable discord rich presence
Android & PC: Optimize AreQuaternionsOpposite, fixes batman, isaac and probably more games, and probably better performance for some games
Android & PC: Enable Priority Boost by default, due to cutscenes fixed now
PC: Implement Mica (kleidis)
PC: Add support for favorites, desktop shortcuts, and play time tracking (FearlessTobi) + some improvements from OpenSauce04 and rtiangha
Android & PC: Implement Upscaling Hack, may fix ghosting issues on some games
Android & PC: Implement real-time audio option, say goodbye to audio lag if game runs under 100% speed!
Android: Translate some texts to Spanish
Android & PC: Fix some performance issues for Street Fighter 4 and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Android & PC: Other minor improvements & cleanups

Download: Citra Enhanced v1.1.0 x64
Download: Citra Enhanced v1.1.0 Android
Source: Here

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