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EmuCR: CitraCitra Enhanced v1.2.0 is released. This fork is just Citra with tweaks/additions which should result in better performance than the original Citra.

Citra Enhanced Changelog:
Android & PC: Massive fixes for Core Downcount Hack. Now performance won't drop by a lot!
Android & PC: Implement Artic Base support (PabloMK7)
y2r_u: Do not perform Y2R conversion if completion event should wait, might fix some games
renderer_vulkan: Initial vertex-shader SPIR-V generation (Wunkolo), may improve games performance
Android: Implement Sustained Performance Mode option, helps for throttling reduction at the cost of some performance
Android: rotate screen using sensor (Ishan09811)
dist: Translate some stuff to spanish
citra_qt: Add Open Log Folder option to Help menu (rtiangha)
Android & PC: Backport Skip CPU Write hack from Citra MMJ
Android & PC: A ton of fixes for realtime audio (OpenSauce04)
Android & PC: Rebranding to the project (kleidis)
Android: Fix settings being still non-runnable after close the game sometimes (Ishan09811), still needs some fixing for landspace times
PC (Windows): Implement a updater and installer (kleidis)
vk_stream_buffer: stop skipping destroyBuffer and freeMemory, may improve performance
Android & PC: Remove gl_stream_buffer_hack and rework gl_stream_buffer, an internal code hack that mostly was useless
Android: Minor fixes for pause and resume emulation (Ishan09811)
Another minor fixes & cleanups

Download: Citra Enhanced v1.2.0 x64
Download: Citra Enhanced v1.2.0 Android
Source: Here

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