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EmuLinker-K v0.12.0 is released. EmuLinker-K is a server that uses the Kaillera protocol to facilitate online multiplayer for emulators. EmuLinker-K is a Kotlin rewrite of EmulinkerSF, with an emphasis on measuring and improving performance, patching security and privacy vulnerabilities, and adding useful features for both server owners and users. EmuLinker-K is maintained by nue.

EmuLinker-K v0.12.0 changelog:
The option server.improvedLagstatEnabled has been removed and improved lagstat is now the only option
As the server now runs on only one port, the following settings now do nothing: controllers.v086.portRangeStart, controllers.v086.extraPorts
When posting to Twitter, the server will now not attempt to post duplicate tweets (as they will fail anyway)
When the server shuts down it will now log users out first, notifying them that the server is turning off
You can configure a server chat message displayed to users as they enter or create a room using
KailleraServerImpl.JoinGameMessage.1=This is the first message
KailleraServerImpl.JoinGameMessage.2=This shows up second
KailleraServerImpl.JoinGameMessage.3=And so on...

Download: EmuLinker-K v0.12.0
Source: Here

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