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EmuCR: Lime3DSLime3DS Git (2024/05/27) is compiled. Lime3DS is a project which aims to revive and continue work on Citra, a popular open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator which ceased development.

Lime3DS Git Changelog:
* Release source archive names now use version number instead of git info
* Updated default custom layout values to account for new config system
* Large Screen Proportion config is greyed out when Large Screen is not selected
* Updated custom layout value names to be more accurate
* Custom Layout options now uses X, Y, Width Height
* lime3ds-gui: Fix Hybrid Screen layout menu option
* lime3ds-gui: Add Layout tab to in-game settings
* lime3ds-gui: Tidy up Layout tab
* lime3ds-gui: Remove scroll bar from Layout and Enhancements tabs
* lime3ds-gui: move Layout section to its own tab called Layout
* fix build errors
* Edit enhancements labels
* Apply clang-format-18
* add Bottom Screen Opacity in Enhancement tab
* remove indent of configure_enhancements.ui
* QT add Custom Layout Menu Option.
* Merge pull request #206 from rtiangha/update-deps
* externals: update openal-soft to HEAD
* externals: update zstd to v1.5.6-HEAD
* externals: update vulkan-headers from vulkan-sdk-1.3.275 to vulkan-sdk-1.3.283
* externals: update vma to HEAD
* externals: update sdl2 from 2.30.2 to 2.30.3
* externals: update libyuv to HEAD
* externals: update glslang from 14.1.0 to 14.2.0
* externals: update faad2 to HEAD
* externals: update enet to v1.3.18
* externals: update cubeb to HEAD
* externals: update catch2 from v3.5.4 to v3.6.0
* cmake: Update QT from 6.7.0 to 6.7.1

Lime3DS Git (2024/05/27) : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send usersdrive
Source: Here

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