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EmuCR: N64N64 Git (2024/05/10) is compiled. Experimental low-level N64 emulator written in C and a bit of C++. Still under heavy development and not ready for prime time. Compatibility is not high and performance is not great (yet.) The goals of this project are to create a low-level emulator with good compatibility, while learning a lot along the way.

N64 Git Changelog:
* write perf map file on linux
* add glibc headers to CPATH, suppress including mainfile in preamble clangd warning
* add vulkan loader to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
* add direnv config and shell.nix

Download: N64 Git (2024/05/10)
Source: Here


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Correct source location: https://github.com/Dillonb/n64


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