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EmuCR: ShadPS4ShadPS4 Git (2024/06/06) is released. An early PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in C++.

ShadPS4 changelog:
* Merge pull request #165 from shadps4-emu/bad-phi
* shader: Fix block processing order in dead code elimination pass
* kernel: Fix stack corruption from OrbisTimesec
* shader_recompiler: Add more instructions and fix a few thinhs
* core: Properly implement TLS (#164)
* Merge pull request #163 from shadps4-emu/video_core/surface_works
* texture_cache: detiler image view moved into image class
* texture_cache: detiler: change staging to faster stream buffer
* fix for re-use
* final touch
* amdgpu: render target size hint for old runtime
* texture_cache: detiler: shader module release and debug name
* texture_cache: detiler: m8x1 and m8x4 shaders
* video_core: added shader header files generator from Citra
* texture_cache: a support for m8x1 and m8x4 layouts added to the detiler
* renderer_vulkan: unused extension removed
* amdgpu: tiling mode introduced
* amdgpu: surface bits per element LUT
* video_core: amdgpu: simply crash if an exception occured in coro
* fix for name of the first dumped cmdb
* Merge pull request #161 from Xphalnos/main
* screenshot under logo
* Adding screenshot
* Small update of the readme (again)

ShadPS4 Git (2024/06/06) : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored send usersdrive
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