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EmuCR: Project64RSP Git (2015/02/19) is compiled. RSP is a plugin for Project64.

RSP Git Changelog:
* optimized LWC2 and SWC2 offset decoding
* fixed CPU resume regression from within RSP
* handling DMA read when address exceeds boundary (BattleTanx)
* uh
* duplicated comment...already existed in su.h at correct location
* Avoid nesting comments.
* Only correct CPU-RSP semaphore if no HLE code involving plugin types.
* now permanently enabling infinite loop detection
Since the MF SP status timeout is so high (currently 8192), no games ever seem to reach such a high count, so making this a configurable option whether to break out of infinite RSP loops seems kind of pointless. The case would only arise once a game actually required the option anyway.
* think I meant to keep the macro in the .h, not the .c
* removed old, misleading comment...

EmuCR: Project64
EmuCR: Project64

Download: RSP Git (2015/02/19)
Source: Herev

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