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EmuCR: FTX3FTX3 v1.71b is released. FTX3 turns a PC in a VIDEOGAME Frontend / DIVX Multimedia Player / MP3 / PHOTO / game consoles and ARCADE. You can also install it in a box-type PC Multimedia Home cinema, making it a HTPC/VIDEO GAME. NO need a keyboard or mouse, once installed it can automatically start and become completely autonomous.

FTX3 v1.71b Changelog:


-change NEORAINE to 0.64.10

- Add in main setup extensions roms/iso choose

- V2 now for choose systems (ALL SYSTEM TRUMBAIL) with POV PAD and STICK systems

- Commodore 64 is Add and Model 3D too (v1 and v2)

- Manage, Arrange, Sort , hide systems (V2)

- ADD some Translation (V2)

- to change preview and view trumb , now Dpad and Stick (speed move) to control available

BUGS: (V2)

- language selection error in MAIN SETUP

- Correct joypad Xbox problems ATARI JAGUAR (only DPAD for correct bug)

- Correct problem joystick PC ENGINE

- Button not appear correctly when aff roms foldfers.

- Arcade cabinet model displayed to change preview, now is not displayed

- correct problems when Add image big size...

- correct problems when No image preview there no video can play

- correct many problems to assign video / play / display pictures

- improve the scrolling selection - correct random problems playing in arcade video

- Correct bad position games in handheld - Correct crash in SETUP EMU when select the 4 laster emulator to modify


Download: FTX3 v1.71b
Source: Here

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