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EmuCR:Emulator OrganizerEmulator Organizer v6.6.25 is released. Emulator Organizer is an advanced Emulator Tool designed in order to manage your multimedi files likes games,books video,roms and emulator.

Emulator Organizer Feature:
- Create a list of unlimited count of consoles.
- Add unlimited roms for each console.
- Contains a great tool for adding roms which searchs for roms automaticly.
- Edit and manage each rom (edit name on the list, edit real rom file name, .... )
- Create categories for each console in order to manage roms in collections.
- Attach icon for each console.
- Manage unlimited count of emulators for each console.
- Create unlimited count of playlists which include roms from different consoles.
- Supports command lines for each emulator.
- Supports special command lines for each rom and playlist item.
- Attach image and info for each rom.
- Auto detect screenshots for roms even if the screenshot doesn't match the same name of the rom.
- You can rsize the window, controls .... and the program will save your interface settings.
- Save your profile in single encrypted file.
- Can read and extract from archive.
- Can be burned into CD / DVD ... as an Autorun.
- Build profile in iso file.
- Can compress or extract roms using the compress tool.

Emulator Organizer v6.6.25 Changelog:

New in this version:
* Added the ability to import and export Excel Datasheet (rom data as .xlsx files) as a database for a console.
* Added the ability to import and export ratings (review/scores tab) as Excel Datasheet (rom data as .xlsx files) for a console.
* Added ability to add the "Description" element as Info Tab when using Get data from MobyGames for this game feature.
* Added ability to download more data for a game using "Get data from TheGameDB for this game" feature.
* Added ability to add rom data info elements as categories for selected roms.
* Added ability to set game all scores (in scores tab) to 100 or 0 easily via new buttons on the tab.

* Removed the ability to search google for images for an image tab for Copyrights purposes.

* Fixed a bug in the roms list view sometimes when attempting to select roms using SHIFT key.
* Fixed a bug with the info tabs, when end-user right click on the text area and the context menu is hidden, the context menu never appears.
* Fixed a bug with emulators browser, no emulator is listed.
* Fixed a bug in "Detect Games Info From The Games DB" form when you disable some tabs (disabel include for some tabs).

EmuCR: Emulator Organizer

Download: Emulator Organizer v6.6.25
Source: Here

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