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EmuCR: MAME Content Manager PlusMAME Content Manager Plus v1.1.1 is released. MAME Content Manager Plus is a simple program that makes it easy to control what types of ROMs you keep on your PC. MAME Content Manager Plus lets you easily rename or delete all MAME ROMs and games files by category - Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.

MAME Content Manager Plus v1.1.1 Changelog:

- Icons are now external files, no longer compiled in the .exe file; this makes MCM+ expansion a lot easier (new "\icons\" folder)
- If files "category.ini" / "catver.ini" / "mess.ini" are found in MCM+ root folder, they will be added in edit boxes automatically
... only if you haven't select those files yet in "step #1"
- Split search games list and work list into two pages so they can be bigger... to prevent feelings of claustrophobia :)
- Proper support for MAME v0.172 and newer builds
- New feature: "Scan Game Files (Quick Scan)"; enabled by default, will search game files (.zip; .7z) when loading main games list so you can use the new "Available/Missing" filter
- Games list no longer reloads every time you go back and forth in the wizard. It only reloads if you change MAME executable or enable "Scan Games Files" checkbox (Search Results / Work List page)

- User interface mega update:
- you can resize the window when using larger screen resolutions. No more handling search results / work lists in a tiny window
- natural sorting for search results / work list... no more "1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 3000, 4, 5" ANSI indexing
- detailed driver status icons added to search results list (emulation, color, sound, graphic)
- driver status icon removed from title column (search results / work list)
- new columns: year, manufacturer, driver name, driver status (search results / work list)
- new layout view modes for search results/work list, settings saved in "layouts_searchresults.ini" and "layouts_worklist.ini". Buttons are located in top panel:
1. Tabs, showing search results and work list in separate tabs, suitable for low resolutions (800x600 / 1024x768)
2. Side by side, showing both search results and work list (high resolution goodness, minimum recommended 1280x720)
3. Up / Bottom, showing both search results and work list (high resolution goodness, minimum recommended 1280x1024)
- new "Customize Columns" feature; change column width, position and visibility; access in popup menu (search results / work list)
- unique settings for search results and work list
- each layout view mode can have different settings
- settings saved in "layouts_searchresults.ini" and "layouts_worklist.ini"
- new "Customize Games List Appearance" feature; access in popup menu (search results / work list)
- custom parent/clone font and custom background color
- settings are the same for search results and work list
- custom font and background color for categories list (search results panel)
- setting "Cell Size" so you can use bigger fonts in categories list panel
- new "Icon Size" feature; access in popup menu (search results / work list)
- choose what icon size you want: Extra Large (48x48); Large (32x32); Medium (24x24); Small (16x16)
- setting is the same for search results and work list
- new search options for search bar, including category and game title (search results panel)
- Tons of minor tweaks

- Read image categories folder settings from MAME Plus! and MAMEUI are no longer supported (too many different config files to search for... crazy!)
- Added support for "ui.ini", so MCM+ can parse folders of all image categories (MAME v0.172 or newer required)
-> NOTE: older MAME builds are still supported, but the image path settings are stored in "mcmplus.ini"
- Added support for all MAME image categories: software cover, game artwork, end, boss, logo, score, versus, game over, how to play, select
Folders are read from MAME's "ui.ini", if found (MAME v0.172 or newer required)
- Changed format of listfull.txt; added field tags to prevent crash in some systems when loading games list data
- Fixed a bug where the first game listed in "listfull.txt" would be skipped if MAME version info text is empty when creating a games list
- MAME version info is now read directly from .exe file, if available (properties/details). Otherwise, version info is extracted from -help output (no longer extracted from -listxml output)
- Minimum MAME version supported is now v0.56 (using "-listinfo" / "-listdetails" for old builds)
- Fixed a memory leak when validating/loading "listfull.txt"; THashedStringList var was not released from RAM
- Fixed Driver categories filter cycle button (Search Results filters tool bar)
- Renamed all emulator name strings to "MAME"
- Game info "Media Type" no longer handle bios/device set types (only ROMs/CHDs media types)
- Added support for AntoPISA "mess.ini" file to tag non-arcade machines. Get it at http://www.progettosnaps.net/renameset/
- Added new search criteria "Machine Type", to increase search results possibilities (tagged at runtime when loading games list into RAM; AntoPISA "mess.ini" file required)
-> List Both
-> Arcade
-> Non-Arcade
- Fixed a bug where bios/device sets were tagged as regular games with CHD files (create games list)
- Added "SynFastWideString.pas" library; it's better and faster than Delphi 7's internal WideString var type
- Unicode strings support (game title, manufacturer, category)
- Fixed "Media Type" search function (1st search filter); it was not working properly
- Full path validation was executing twice when search for game ROMs
- New "missing" game icons that shows gray game icons of games you don't have (only when "Scan Game Files" feature is enabled)
- New filter: "Game Status"; to filter available/missing games (enable "Scan Games Files" to use this filter)
- New action mode: "Move Files"; use this to move files to a desired folder instead of deleting/renaming them (files cannot be moved back to their original folders)
- Incremental search disabled in "Categories List" selection to prevent app crashes (search games page)

Download: MAME Content Manager Plus v1.1.1
Source: Here

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