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EmuCR: MedGui RebornMedGui Reborn v0.073 is released. MedGui is a GUI (Frontend) for Mednafen WINDOW OS.

MedGui Reborn v0.073 Changelog:
- Added a Playlist Audio Cue Generator (Now you can generate a audio playlist to load on Mednafen).
- Fixed a problem when a joypad is not attached at startup GUI.
- Fixed a crash with Recent rom section.
- Added NoDesync presets (it will be auto-enabled when you start a netplay session).
- Added custom GUI button assign for Joypad .
- Added Autodisabled Multitap option on a netplay session start.
- Rewrite "ignore other port function" for joypad setting.
- Fixed various bug.
- Fixed PRIVMSG (/msg) command in Ultra Crappy Irc.
- Updated MedInstR, now you can skip the overwrite of server list and irc channels list, and you can open the MedGuiR Changelog after install.

EmuCR: MedGui Reborn

Download: MedGui Reborn v0.073
Source: Here

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