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EmuCR: FuseFuse v1.3.3 is released. The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) is an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones for Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

- Spectranet emulation
- SpecDrum emulation
- Disciple emulation
- Movie recording to FMF files
- SpeccyBoot emulation
- GTK+ 3 Support
- Many Win32 enhancements
- POK file support
- PZX file read support
- Plus lots of bug fixes

Fuse v1.3.3 Changelog:
* Emulation core improvements:
* Add support for the hidden MEMPTR register (thanks, Boo-boo,
Vladimir Kladov and the members of the "Z80 Assembly Programming On
The ZX Spectrum" Facebook group) (Philip Kendall).
* Mark new disks as needing to be saved (Gergely Szasz).
* Show more information on disk modification status in menus (Gergely

* Miscellaneous improvements:
* Remove duplicated insert/eject code from DivIDE, Simple IDE and
ZXATASP interfaces (Philip Kendall).
* Improve IDE interface master/slave initialisation code (Philip
* Fix multiple save of disks (Gergely Szasz).
* Allow overwriting disk images (Gergely Szasz).
* Various minor bugfixes.

Download: Fuse v1.3.3
Source: Here

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