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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x ReRecording Git (2017/04/18) is compiled. Snes9x ReRecording has three branches. These are Snes9x 1.43Snes9x 1.51 and Snes9x 1.52 respectively. This is the development project for this branch of Snes9x. Its primary function is to expand features related to the creation of Tool-Asssisted movies.

Snes9x ReRecording Git changelog:
* Add missing includes
* win32: increase dropdown width
* win32: add linker pragma
* win32: change define name, keep ifdefs to minimum, keep enum values
* Merge branch 'ddraw-switch' of git://github.com/bonimy/snes9x
* DirectDraw compile switch
This puts all Directdraw-related code into a compile-time switch
'DIRECTDRAW_DEFINED'. To enable DirectDraw, you need to define this in
the snes9xw project file, and add a reference to drraw.lib in it too.
* Release bsx streams on reset
* Merge branch 'bsxrebase' of git://github.com/LuigiBlood/snes9x
* Make LAST_DIR actually last one
* [BS-X] Fix Date & Time
* [BS-X] Added Satellaview Folder on Win32 Settings window
* [BS-X] Satellaview Signal Data File Support

Download: Snes9x ReRecording Git (2017/04/18) x86
Source: Here

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