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EmuCR: PlayStationPSX Launcher v0.5.9 is released. PSX Launcher is a Frontend for the Playstation Emulator. This is a small launcher for individual games to ease load and setup games. It save all emulator settings for each game.

PSX Launcher Changelog:
ver 0.5.9
Some Fixes
New command line visualizer

ver 0.5.6
Update: Eng Translation option

ver 0.5.5
Update: Bug fix on save temp Backup
othes minor problems.

ver 0.5.4
*Interface adjustments.

ver 0.5.3
*Rom path options.

ver 0.5.2
Update: Bug fix on launch emulator on new pcs
*Update: New version suports PCSXR, auto detect PCSXR.
*some features may not work on PCSXR for now as Memory card select but it can be set on the emulator.

Download: PSX Launcher v0.5.9

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