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EmuCR: DSP EmulatorDSP Emulator v0.19 (2021/04/10) is released. DSP Emulator is a new version of the ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy emulator.

DSP Emulator Changelog:
All changes on previous 0.18b3 release and
+Preview picture
-Cosmetical changes: bigger with black background and scaled picture
-Added picture to Spectrum Plus 2A, SG-1000 and GameGear. Split GameBoy and GameBoy color pictures
-Gameboy/Gameboy Color
+Better drawing priorities, still not perfect
+Window: fixed priorities with sprites (Look at 'Prehistorik Man')
+Fixed controls order reading (Fixes new version of 'Robocop' - Thanks to Neville)
+Small fix to serial (Fixes 'Lunar Lander', 'Hyper Dunk' and many others)
-Suna 8 HW
+Hard Head 2
-Fixed palette

Download: DSP Emulator v0.19 (2021/04/10) x86
Download: DSP Emulator v0.19 (2021/04/10) x64
Source: Here

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