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EmuCR: Retro Virtual MachineRetro Virtual Machine v2.1.5 is released. Retro Virtual Machine emulates the Amstrad CPC, Colecovision, MSX-1, ZX Spectrum, SG-1000 and Sega Master System.

Retro Virtual Machine v2.1.5 changelog:
- Fix sound after load a state in the ZX Spectrum Machines
- Fix HDF file support
- Fixed the category image for the Microdigital Machines
- Fix RVM Hangs when no space left in the explorer window of a cpm disc.
- Fix the timing of the out and in opcodes in the z80 (was incorrect in all the v2.1.x releases)
- Fix some artwork

Download: Retro Virtual Machine v2.1.5
Source: Here

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