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SDLTRS v1.2.26 is released. SDLTRS is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Macintosh OSX, Windows, and Linux. SDL(2)TRS is based on Tim Mann's excellent TRS-80 emulator xtrs and also has very low system requirements: it works on all platforms supported by the SDL library, even on machines with only a few hundred MHz of CPU speed.

Updated version of Mark Grebe's SDLTRS:
Included all patches by EtchedPixels: banked memory support, Lowe LE18
Fixed various SegFaults: ROM Selection Menu, Scaling in Fullscreen
Reworked the TextGUI: new shortcuts and key bindings, help screen
Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V can now be used in the Emulator (CP/M & WordStar)
Display scanlines to simulate an old CRT monitor resolution
Access to real floppy disks works now on Linux
Tried to fix reported bugs to the original version
Port to SDL2 (see BUILDING.md and SDL2)
Support Exatron Stringy Floppy for TRS-80 Model I
Select and execute CMD files directly in the Emulator
Save screenshot of the Emulator window as BMP file
Show Z80 registers in the window title bar
Adjust speed of Z80 CPU on the fly
Emulate Z80 memory refresh register
Support Holmes Sprinter II/III speed-up kits for TRS-80 Model I/III
Change Z80 CPU default MHz of each TRS-80 Model
More accurate emulation of Z80 block instructions
Joystick emulation with Mouse
Support Prologica CP-300/500 16kB ROM with extra 2kB Z80 monitor
Support Seatronics Super Speed-Up Board for all TRS-80 Models
Load and Save TRS-80 memory in debugger
Patch Model I ROM to boot from hard disk drive
Support EACA EG 3200 (Genie III) system
480x192 HRG resolution for LNW80 and TCS SpeedMaster/Genie IIs
CP/M banking support for TRS-80 Model I clones
Support EG-64 Memory-Banking-Adaptor from TCS
Support Lubomir Soft Banker for TRS-80 Model I
Emulation of the TCS Genie IIIs system
Support EG 64.1 memory expansion for TRS-80 Model I
Support Schmidtke 80-Z Video Card for TRS-80 Model I
Emulate EG 3210 Programmable Graphics Adaptor for Genie III
Support some David Keil's TRS-80 Emulator extensions
Support Anitek MegaMem memory card for TRS-80 Model III and 4/4P
Emulate 4 MHz speedup hardware for TRS-80 Model III
Support TCS Genie IIs/SpeedMaster RAM 192 B memory expansion
Emulate 6845 CRTC Interlace Video Mode
Support VideoExtension HRG for EACA EG 3200 Genie III
Support Genieplus Memory Card for EACA EG 3200 Genie III

Download: SDLTRS v1.2.26 x64

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