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AMSpiriT v0.845 beta is released. AMSpiriT is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows with a strong focus on accuracy. On the OS side, AMSpiriT is ready to be used with all the system and BASIC ROMs that have been marketed by AMSTRAD PLC and Locomotive Software. (English, French, Spanish and Danish ROMs). AMSpiriT emulates the cassette player through the reading of sound recordings in "WAV" or "CDT" format and emulates the floppy disk player through the reading of files in DSK format (standard and extended format).

AMSpiriT v0.845 beta Changelog:
- Full Pre-Asic CRTC 4 (Pre Asic) Emulation
- Add Extended ROM management
- Improvement of CTM emulation (CSYNC signal management)
- Emulation Core is now available as a static library (.lib/.h)
- Better HSYNC emulation (all CRTC)
- CDT file: Add BLOC_ID 0x15 management: Direct Recording

Download: AMSpiriT v0.845 beta x64
Source: Here


  1. Hello.
    Tried the emulator on a Win7 PC.
    I have locks, like mouse not moving, but it works after a while till windows locks forever.


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