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EmuCR: WiiStationWiiStation v2.0 is released. WiiStation (formely WiiSXRX_2022), is a Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1/PSX/PSone) emulator, forked from the original WiiSX-RX (http://github.com/niuus/WiiSXRX) emulator by NiuuS, originally a port of PCSX-Reloaded, but with many changes from PCSX-ReARMed, for the Nintendo Wii/Wii U.

WiiStation Changelogs:
Use a new dynamic compilation (dynarec) method Lightrec, a super cool way.
Many games can now run at full speed.
Add Wii Message Board support for write playlog (Thanks SuperrSonic and saulfabregwiivc).
Import the GTE code of PCSX-ReARMed.
Fix issues
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker can't be played.
Driver 2 code dump error mission chase the gunman.
Modify the code to support higher versions of Devkitppc.
※※※ Note: For issue 81, the latest high version of Libogc must be used.

Download: WiiStation v2.0

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