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EmuCR: DSP EmulatorDSP Emulator v0.22WIP1 (2023/04/25) is released. DSP Emulator is a new version of the ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy emulator.

DSP Emulator Changelog:
+Fixed timings before internal timer call
+Added some opcodes for 2xNOP and 3xNOP
+Fixed timings before internal timer call
+Some updates to internal procedures
+Tape System
-Added procedures to call before tape play and after play
-Fixed WAV format tapes loading
-Added Oric TAP file format support
-Fixed main speed changes when a tape is playing
-VIA6522: Added device
-Amstrad CPC
+Enabled Z80 timings (fixes Saboteur II and many others)
+Rewrited video to update screen pixel by pixel
+Fixed tape loading with new Z80 timings
+Black Onix: Added 24C08 eeprom
+Boxxled: Added 24C256 eeprom
-Commodore 64
+Swapped joystick 0 and joystick 1
+Added F1 to start/stop tape loading
+Fixed mapper 9
+Added partial mapper 10 (thanks to Neville)
-Oric HW
+Added support for tape loading, AY-8910 sound and keyboard
-Oric 1: added driver with sound
-Oric Atmos: added driver with sound
-Sega System 1/2 HW
+Changed Z80 timings, fixes Pitfall II intro

Download: DSP Emulator v0.22WIP2 (2023/05/23)
Source: Here

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