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WiiSX Beta 2.1 is released. A port of the PS1 emulator, PCSX, to the Nintendo GC/Wii.

WiiSX / CubeSX Beta 3.0 Changelog:
New dynarec implemented thanks to pcercuei's lightrec.
Completely replaces the old dynarec.
Greatly increases compatibility and speed.
Sync'd with upstream pcsx-ReARMed.
Eliminates XA/CDDA slowdown completely on Wii and those titles run at full speed.
dfsound audio plugin.
Improved sound quality and compatibility.
Speed improvements in the soft graphics plugin thanks to tips from @extremscorner
Upwards of 15% speed increase across all titles.
Compiled with libOGC2
SD2SP2 support on GameCube
UI bugfixes and memory leaks addressed

Download: WiiSX v3.0
Download: CubeSX v3.0

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