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NSFPlay Git (2023/06/23) is compiled. NSFPlay is an NSF player for Windows and plugin for Winamp. It is a fork of the original program by Brezza, intended to provide support for more recent Windows operating systems, and improve its accuracy and utility.

NSFPlay Git Changelog:
* Command line configuration overrides
* make wave output better, instead of using the timer hack set PLAY_TIME directly
* Give NSFPlay stand-alone direct access to plugin DLL (bypassing Winamp plugin API)
* document plgDavid YMF281B patch set
* allow right click on info button to quick-open the keyboard/track info window
* main window put tabs back in top-to-bottom order but select Open by default in code instead
* make the info window resizable
* make main dialog title 4px taller
* make metadata fields selectable/copyable
* document some recent contributions
* document additions
* undo spurious deletion of newline
* Merge branch 'master' into gumball2415-master
* Delegate updated YMF281B patch to new patch set
* Update emu2413 to v1.5.9

EmuCR: NSFPlay

NSFPlay Git (2023/06/23) : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain
Source: Here

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