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EmuCR: Stella DSStellaDS v6.6b is released. StellaDS is an Atari 2600 (VCS) console emulator for your DS/DSi. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a26/bin format. Twilight Menu++ wants to see the file extension be .a26 (you can just rename .bin)

StellaDS Changelog:
V6.6b : 21-Jun-2023 by Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion)
DSi now defaults to the 'Accurate' BUS MODE for maximum compatibility.
Improved data bus handling for undriven pins in Tia::Peek() for improved compatibility.
A few more tweaks to a few more games to make them as accurate as possible.
V6.6 : 20-Jun-2023 by Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion)
Fix for Meltdown prototype so it doesn't crash.
Fix for Pleiades to fix graphical glitches.
Fix for Atom Smasher prototype so it doesn't crash on start (wrong bank scheme detected).
Fix for E7 banking so it handles 8K, 12K and 16K roms.
Fix for Flash Gordon to eliminate graphical glitches.
Fix for Elf Adventure prototype so it runs.
Fix for Star Gunner so it doesn't glitch.
Fix for Warlords graphical glitches.
Fix for Worm War I graphical glitches.
Fix for A-Star not starting.
Fix for Hugo Hunt graphical glitches.
Improved random() generator for more robust RAM clear / handling on startup and added config to either randomize RAM or clear it at start.
Added new option to use the 'Compatible' BUS driver which will handles things like invalid reads and drives unused TIA bits (a few games rely on this - but it does slow down emulation slightly).

Download: StellaDS v6.6b
Source: Here

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