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JoyShockMapper v3.5.1 is released. A tool for PC gamers to play games with DualShock 4s, JoyCons, and Pro Controllers. Gyro aiming, flick stick.

JoyShockMapper v3.5.1 Changelog::
Nick fixes everything he broke with his "improvements"
Restore digital binding of virtual gamepad trigggers X_LT, X_RT, PS_L2 AND PS_R2.
Fix turbo binding of virtual controller buttons. Use Toggle as well for 50-50 press time instead of 40ms.
Fix Dualsense Edge new button bindings (left buttons were inverted: LSL and RSR are grips)
Add VIRTUAL_CONTROLLER and HIDE_MINIMIZED as settings exempted from resetting on RESET_BINDINGS
Restore scroll stick mode
Fix Ds4 virtual controller connect with UP stuck
Fix Ds4 virtual controller touch adding a second ghost touch at 0,0
Fix Ds4 virtual controller HOME and CAPTURE buttons
Robustness fix at cleanup
Fix Armor X Pro PS mode's M2 button

Download: JoyShockMapper v3.5.1
Source: Here

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