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pEMU v6.7 is released. pEMU is a suite of multiple emulators running on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. pNES (portable NES) is a NES emulator based on Nestopia. pSNES (portable SNES) is a Super NES emulator based on Snes9x. Pfbneo (portable fbNeo) is an “Arcade” emulator based on FinalBurn Neo(supports a bunch of old school systems such as Neo Geo pocket, PC Engine, Megadrive/Genesis, GameGear, Arcade,…).

pEMU v6.7 Changelog:
common: cleanup media loading code
common: add unknown files even if it doesn't exist in gamelist.xml
common: change menus items position
common: fix games paths starting with ./
common: fix medias paths with recalbox gamelist.xml format
common: add ability to use custom gamelist.xml file in roms folders, overriding embedded (romfs) gamelist.xml
common: add SHOW_AVAILABLE menu option to hide missing files/roms/systems from gamelist (restart required)
ui: better handling of auto screen resolution
ui: add font scaling option
ui: add aspect ratio option
ui: do not show extensions in rom list
skins: fix start and select buttons size
skins: fix option menu title position
skins: remove big skin (font scaling and aspect ratio options should be enough now)
skins: add config.cfg.override and config.cfg.override.43 support
skins: allow/fix skin override from data directory
pnes: bump nestopia to 1.52.0
pnes: fix data paths (nestopia saves, etc...)
pfbneo: bump fbneo to latest git revision
pgen: bump Genesis-Plus-GX to latest git revision (c3f02f9c9059e7f4898dd73feac57ef610e22db0)
pgen: fix vita audio crackling (fps drops)
psnes: bump to latest git revision (153965e5f2fbb0b638868ac3fa89ff8b0363d22c)
vita, 3ds, windows: fix compilation
vita: enable cps3 driver back (OPTION_LIGHT)
vita: fix app version in sfo creation
switch(pnes): invert A/B buttons by default
switch: force 720p resolution

Download: pEMU v6.7

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