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Panda3DS v0.7 is released. Panda3DS is an HLE, red-panda-themed Nintendo 3DS emulator written in C++ which started out as a fun project out of curiosity, but evolved into something that can sort of play games!

Panda3DS Changelog:
New features:
Lua scripting support
Work-in-progress GUI using Qt (Not included in this release, but will start shipping builds as soon as possible)
Compatibility fixes (Fixes various games and some OS apps. Various improvements in the BOSS, FS, NS, CFG, and more services, shader emulation fixes, etc)
There's now a website: https://panda3ds.com/
Support for portable builds (Save data and such is in the emulator folder when enabled rather than being in %APPDATA% or the Linux/Mac equivalents)
Fix Android compilation for future Pandroid app
Fix shader bugs that may have broken the app on some drivers
Hydra multi-system emulator core soon
Other stuff I'm forgetting

Download: Panda3DS v0.7
Source: Here

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