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EmuCR: WinFellowWinFellow v0.5.10 is released. WinFellow is a high performance Amiga Emulator primarily targeted for Windows. It's distinguished API and core does however allow a fairly easy port to other OS.

WinFellow v0.5.10 Changelog:
New features
a native ARM64 build of WinFellow is now provided as part of the release zip archive
Bug Fixes
Thanks to the availability of Toni Wilen's cputester, the following mostly CPU related issues from the basic tests could be addressed:
Removed address register as byte source operand in move.
Various bit-field instruction fixes.
Incorrect pack/unpk behaviour.
Trapcc increase pc after condition check to get correct exception stack frame.
Cas2 select the first compare result value when both compare registers are the same register. Set v flag.
Link/Unlk incorrect result on stack when link register was a7.
Split long reads in two word reads for correct values across banks that are not stored consecutively.
VPOS wraparound fix.
Exception cycle time changes.
Fixed various instructions that overwrote exception cycle times with regular instruction time. (when triggering privilege violations etc.)
Set div cycle times to values closer to the listed cycle times. Still not dynamically calculated, but should be closer.
Don't trace when instruction was aborted by illegal, privilege or address error.
CHK.w N flag fix.
EOR ea vs. data register check for cycle calculation was inverted.
Changes to cycle calculation for BSET/BCGH.
Set undefined div flags according to behaviour on 68000.
Move to SR, check supervisor level before evaluating ea.
Include exception time in cycle time for chk.
Handle bkpt differenly from illegal.
Broken overflow and other special cases for mull.
Handle supervisor check differently for move from sr to avoid returning result when throwing exception.
Missing address mask in rtarea memory handling (for when upper address byte contains data).
Trapcc had wrong pc in the stack frame.
fixed mouse capture for older RetroPlatform hosts
Maintenance updates
code refactoring:
solution file reorganisation
static analysis/replace custom datatypes with standard sized C++ types

Download: WinFellow v0.5.10

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