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EmuCR: ShadPS4ShadPS4 Git (2024/06/17) is released. An early PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in C++.

ShadPS4 changelog:
* Merge pull request #203 from shadps4-emu/video_core/more_functionality
* final touch: assert instead of log crit to crash earlier
* switch to the org's sirit submodule
* shader_recompiler: list all missing instructions during translation pass
* shader_recompiler: added V_TRUNC VOP1/3 (496)
* shader_recompiler: pretty print for missing shader instructions
* texture_cache: return back image view usage override
* renderer_vulkan: simplified sRGB hack
* renderer_vulkan: BC3 formats conversion
* shader_recompiler: added V_MAX VOP2 (431, 433)
* shader_recompiler: correct format for SSBO store op
* renderer_vulkan: added log entry for CS compiling
* shader_recompiler: added MUL_HI VOP2 (896)
* shader_recompiler: added SOPK MOVK (45)

ShadPS4 Git (2024/06/17) : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored usersdrive
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